Some Benefits of Tantric Massage

The growing popularity of massage and in particular tantra is no surprise to a lot of people around the UK as it has shown to have so many positive effects on both body and mind for many people. The attraction for a lot of people who think about tantra is straight away to do with sexual aspects of eroticism and tantric sex etc but to people that follow it seriously and to the letter of the tantra teachings they will generally have a completely different outlook and perspective than this

We have laid out some of the key benefits below:

Men’s Sexual Problems – Men do tend to suffer from some embarrassing conditions as they age ranging from things like loss of libido through to other things like premature ejaculation and even [impotence][1]. All of these can more often than not be more in the mind and a psychological issue than a physical one and so can be countered with the guidance from a tantric coach through breathing techniques and learning to focus the mind

Sleep Patterns – Regular sessions of tantra are a great way to deal with sleep problems and many people report huge changes in their sleep patterns after regular tantric [body to body massage][2] sessions. As well as relaxing muscles and the mind, many people also get involved in the meditation side of tantra which helps to refocus the mind and allows someone to completely clear their mind which can stop people [who suffer from stres][3]s from thinking too much etc and allows them to ‘switch off’.

Sexual Performance – Last but not least although not the main goal of [sexy tantric massage][4] it is more than welcome for a lot of guys who are seeking to be better performers in the bedroom. Again here the breathing techniques but also along with learning your partner and yourself more all help towards a deeper understanding of our sexual self and thus hopefully a better performance in the bedroom