Massage to assist with lower back pain

Whether we have overdone it at work in a physical job, a sporting in jury or maybe even too long in the same position in front of a computer we are all susceptible to back pain at some point in our lives. It can in many cases be a very debilitating condition and something that more often than not will need some form of treatment.

Whether one chooses to go for painkillers and simply treat the symptom or if someone actually wants to fi the underlying and issue is up to the individual but most practitioners would advise these days that getting to the root cause of the issue and fixing it would be preferable Massage along with stretching techniques is well recognised as something that can really work at the problem and a common method would be

Stretches carried out daily generally hold for about 10 to 20 seconds per stretch • Go for a massage twice a month or weekly if possible to help with tissue regeneration and muscle manipulation • If pain is very bad then massage at least once a week (possibly twice) Some of the common stretches that you will be recommended will be things like knee to chest, twisting and cross movements and crossed legged stretches – all of these will be recommended by your practitioner and will vary depending on your particular problem and what is suitable for your own physique and condition

There are many different masseuses that will carry out this work, ranging from Swedish masseuses through to sports masseuses. Even adult tantric massage therapists who specialise in tantric yoga can be great here as the various manipulation exercises can be very beneficial to people with back pain. One of the other reasons that erotic massage therapy is also quite a favourite here is with tantric meditation which can also help people deal with pain and discomfort as an when it arises

Massage to Improve Circulation

This is not something that is as important when we are younger but the older we get the more important this does become. Good circulation helps the body to stay healthy by getting good flow of blood and lymph around the body. It is said that massage also stimulates the flow of lymph around the body which is what helps our immune system to fight any threats within the body.

One analogy is a tube of toothpaste, the more pressure applied to the tube the more toothpaste will flow and this is analogous to the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.

Some of the best massage to improve circulation include:

Deep Tissue Massage – a massage great to release tension and here pressure is applied in small strokes and friction strokes across the muscles/. Your masseuse will detect the areas that are problematic through stroking techniques and really work these areas which will help to release cellular debris and also help to release toxins in the body

Swedish massage – another favourite in the Western world. This works with the masseuse applying strokes to work the muscles and bones. Bod tissue is manipulated to help stimulate lymph and blood flow through the body.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – This was a type of massage specifically designed to improve circulation in the body. It consists of a slow rhythmic massage to stimulate the lymphatic system of the body which will in turn accelerate lymphatic fluid inside the body

Erotic Massage – Not a favourite of everyone but none the less studies have shown that even an erotic massage at a local erotic massage parlour in London is a very good way to stimulate circulation in the body. The technique if done by a professional masseuse will be similar to a Swedish masseuse but the erotic nature of the massage has shown to work well with circulation in the body through the massive release of endorphins with this type of therapy